We at Learning Adventure Montessori create a congenial atmosphere necessary for children to learn and play for a good start up in education. The school is run by a long-serving and dedicated Early Years team.

We believe that children are blessings from God and as such, deserve to be cherished treasured and taken good care of. For us taking care of children is to fulfill our great commission to God and so we do it with joy and gladness. Learning Adventure Montessori School also prides itelf on enjoying close, cooperative and collaborative relationships with every family.

All our teaching is delivered through play, as the children work with their peers in groups, supported by our well-qualified staff. We have been serving our community for many years, and so, have been able to develop a tried and tested approach to early years education. We welcome visits from parentsĀ  and are happy to spend time talking through our philosophies and methods.